• noun

    the most successful point; the culmination.

    “he had reached the pinnacle of his career”

    synonyms: highest level, peak, height, high point, top, capstone, apex, zenith, apogee, acme

    “the pinnacle of his health”

For months we thought about what our name was going to be.  There were some names that at first glance I really liked and thought they would work great and then they went off into the sunset.  For each word, I would look up the definition, what did the word really mean?  Was it a word that would represent us and our office?  One day the word “pinnacle” came across my thoughts and I sat with it for a second, but decided I did not like it.  It did however, seem to pop back into my mind every few days telling me to consider it.

After about 3 months of deliberating on our name it hit me, Pinnacle Family Chiropractic!  It was there with me the whole time when trying to make this decision.  It represented what we were looking to achieve with our practice members.  We could have easily gone with something like Buccieri Family Chiropractic, but we wanted our name to represent us and represent our mission.

It is our goal, our drive to help people get their lives back.  Everyone has the potential to be a greater version of themselves not just out of pain.  We want to help each person with their health goals, get part of their life back that has been missing and help them to achieve something they thought they would never be able to do because of their health holding them back.

At Pinnacle Family Chiropractic, we want to help you “take your life to the highest potential”!

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