The upper cervical section of the spine is the first two bones in the neck, referred to separately as the axis and atlas bones. If these bones, located just beneath the base of the skull, are misaligned, it can cause nervous system interference which makes it difficult for the brain to communicate with the rest of the body. The Upper Cervical Technique focuses on healing such misalignments.

This technique focuses closely on correcting such misalignments through the application of gentle, precise adjustments at targeted spots. This can allow the body to resume normal function by correcting distortions within the nervous system, and restore the patient to optimum responsiveness and health.

Why the Upper Cervical Region?

The upper cervical region is one of the most crucial areas of the body in terms of maintaining ideal functionality. Every signal directly to and from the brain stem travels through this region, with millions of signals passing through per minute. This region is where signals pass that regulate heartbeat, breathing, muscle coordination, blood flow (dilation and constriction of blood vessels), digestion and so much more.

 Unfortunately, the human body has not adapted strong natural protections against stress, pressure, friction and shock to this region, which has no cushioning discs and has fewer ligaments to support the structure. Because these bones also move differently than the rest of the spine—horizontal as opposed to vertical—they are also under more pressure regularly.

As such, when this region is exposed to even small amounts of shock and trauma it can create major systemic issues from the immune system to vital functions. Correcting these misalignments using the upper cervical technique can be essential to helping patients recover from sickness, injury and in maintaining health and wellness.

Pinnacle Family Chiropractic Upper Cervical Technique

At our facility, Dr. Chris Buccieri has extensive knowledge, training and experience in not only the spinal structure, but the functioning of the nervous system and the use of chiropractic as an advanced healing technique. Chiropractic doesn’t just treat symptoms, it seeks to restore health and treat underlying problems to restore the body’s healing ability.

Let us supercharge your natural healing abilities and remove what could be years of stress and tension you didn’t even know were there. Our practice uses the most gentle, precise and non-invasive techniques with advanced technology to provide ideal care for any situation.

Chiropractic Care in Wilmington

If you live in the Wilmington area and are in need of chiropractic care, we are ready to help, using the most advanced techniques and technology available. Contact Pinnacle Family Chiropractic and set up an appointment with Dr. Chris Buccieri or any of our other outstanding healthcare staff.

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