There is no better time to start taking control of your health and wellness.  The earlier you start the better.
Reach the Pinnacle of health with Dr. Chris Buccieri and choose us to be your Wilmington chiropractic office.

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Your spine is one of the most important structures in your body. It not only keeps your body upright, it’s also responsible for containing your spinal cord. If the spine is not in proper alignment it can cause many ailments, pain, and suffering. Let our knowledgeable team help you regain your health.  

As a child Chris was introduced to the power of Chiropractic care and the power of a properly functioning nervous system.  His first experience came when he simply sneezed and after he could not move his neck.  He received his first Chiropractic adjustment and motion was restored.  A few years later, Chris began getting horrible headaches.  He was involved in many sports and the traumas that he received from these activities began to take a toll on his nerve system.  He saw many doctors, none of which could determine what the cause of the headaches were. He again received an adjustment and instantly his headache went away.  As time went on, Chris realized that he was taking less and less of his asthma medications and eventually was no longer using his inhalers.  At that point Chris knew he wanted to be a Chiropractor and really help people with things they suffer from. 

Dr. Chris attended one of the most well rounded Chiropractic Colleges in America where he focused on learning as much as he could about the nerve system, the way it controls the body and how important it is in maintaining health and proper function.  He took his knowledge and skills, with a group of students and Doctors, to Mexico where they served hundreds of people on a Chiropractic Mission trip.  Dr. Chris graduated as one of the top in his class and received several accolades including Gold level honors for his clinical work and his second Who’s Who award. 

Dr. Chris and Karen decided that Wilmington, NC was the place that they wanted to set their roots.  Having a new son and with aspirations of a growing family, they wanted a place where the community would be a safe and value based place for their children.  They want to serve more than just the people in their office, but really make a change in their community.  You can expect to see Pinnacle Family Chiropractic partnering with many different service organizations and non-profits to make as big of an impact on the community as they can.  Their vision is to change Wilmington with neurologically based Chiropractic care and serving the community in any way possible.

Dr. Chris, Karen and Mattox love exploring the parks in Wilmington and enjoying the beauty the city has to offer.  Mattox loves playing with sticks, sand and splashing in the ocean.  You can find them out at the Aquarium, on the beach or in a park when they have the free time to do so.  They are excited to be in Wilmington where they get to enjoy the amazing weather and the values of the Southern Lifestyle.  They love meeting new people, making new friends and welcome you to become a part of their family.


At Pinnacle Family Chiropractic, it is our goal to help the community reach their highest health potential.  We want our community to restore the natural balance within them the way God intended, with better health strategies and a completely natural, drug-free form of care that allows the body to begin the healing process.  Through Principled,  Neurologically based Chiropractic, interference is removed with very specific, gentle adjustments thus restoring brain body communication to every organ cell and tissue.  Research shows this leads to more energy, proper movement and a boosted immune system.  It is our goal to reach as many members of our community and provide them with what they might not have known was possible!

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