Prenatal care is so important for both the mother and their baby. Unfortunately, a lot of women experience systems like severe back pain during pregnancy. In many doctor’s offices, these pains are medicated more quickly than they are actually treated.

Upper cervical chiropractic is a pain free, non-invasive form of chiropractic care that is tailor-made to treat the pains that often accompany pregnancy. Our procedures at Pinnacle address the general misalignments within the spine with quick adjustments that enhance total spinal health. So the pregnant mother may be experiencing lower back pain because of an issue somewhere else in the body. Nerve impingement, spinal misalignments, and stressed organs are all natural challenges of a pregnancy that are relieved with upper cervical adjustments.

So if you’re pregnant, no matter how far along you are, come into Pinnacle and allow our team to help ensure that mother and baby are as healthy and comfortable as possible!