The central nervous system plays a key part in our GI tracts functioning. As it is responsible for making sure that the body is able to make sure everything goes in the right direction. In other words, if your CNS isn’t functioning correctly neither will your GI tract, which in turn could cause contents to back up into the esophagus. This is where the brainstem becomes important alongside the CNS as it is responsible for most of the body’s involuntary actions such as control of your ability to swallow, breath, and even how your heart beats.

So how can Pinnacle Family Chiropractic help with your acid reflux/gerd?

C1 and C2 surround the part of the CNS where our brain stem and spinal cord meet. This is why even a slight misalignment can cause pressure on the brain stem and cause our bodies to function incorrectly. These misalignments could be the cause of your afflictions with acid reflux. By slightly adjusting your C1 and C2 your body is able to get rid of that pressure on your brain stem and help alleviate that acid reflux.