The work at Pinnacle Family Chiropractic is both restorative and preventative. We don’t want to address the symptoms of migraines nearly as much as we want to eradicate the recurrence of migraines entirely. Essentially, we want to end migraine headaches for as many people as we possibly can.

The reason that most medication based treatments fail is because they treat the symptoms, not the migraine itself.

We have learned over time that many migraines are caused by poor neural communication at the brain stem, and these miscommunications are a result of misalignments at the very top of the spinal column. Our C1, C2, C3, & C4 vertebrae permit a wide range of things including the communication of our entire central nervous system, the flushing of cerebrospinal fluid from the brain and skull, and proper blood flow, to name a few.

Oftentimes, a simple misalignment in these top four vertebrae are the cause of backups in the natural flow and flushing of the body’s systems. So those terrible tension headaches and feelings of pressure in your neck and the back of your skull might all be mitigated by a simple adjustment!

At Pinnacle Family Chiropractic, we promote affordable, ongoing care to ensure that issues that are relieved today can stay away for as long as possible. So call us today to feel better now, and to feel better for life!