Today, fibromyalgia is an incurable disorder that often manifests in symptoms as wide-ranging as acute pain to fatigue. While fibromyalgia can often occur after an injury, surgery, physical or  motional trauma, it is still not completely clear what causes fibromyalgia to develop.

What is certain is that fibromyalgia can be very painful, often marked by the brain sending pain responses throughout the central nervous system. And that is where upper cervical chiropractic care at Pinnacle can be most beneficial! Our work with the top four vertebrae of the spinal column allow us a unique opportunity to impact messages throughout the central nervous system. We have seen fibromyalgia patients not reduced inflammation and swelling, less frequent and less severe headaches, as well as a restoration of their energy levels.

The non-invasive, drug-free services at Pinnacle Family Chiropractic may be exactly what you’re looking for!